{ Chang2014A,

year={ 2014 },

website={ http://www.cras2014.eu/program.html },

title={ A B-spline Tube Model for Catheter and Guidewire Tracking },

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author={ Chang, Ping-Lin; Rolls, Alexander; Riga, Celia; Bicknell, Colin; Stoyanov, Danail; },

abstract={ Catheter and guidewire tracking is an extremely difficult task due to their thin appearance, the low frame-rate and the low signal-to-noise ratio of fluoroscopy, and the presence of several similar objects in the images. To reduce the complexity of such tracking problem, we propose a deformable B-spline tube model for model-based tracking algorithms. The proposed model can precisely represent the shape of catheter and guidewire. By using the proposed model, a catheter or guidewire can be tracked using a region-based probabilistic framework which does not rely on intensity gradients and allows the use of various measurements. Preliminary results have shown that the proposed tube model can successfully fit the catheter and guidewire. }