@inproceedings{ Lacher2015Low-Cost,

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booktitle={ IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society },

title={ Low-Cost Surface Reconstruction for Aesthetic Results Assessment and Prediction in Breast Cancer Surgery },

keywords={ Infrared imaging; Optical breast imaging; Rigid-body image registration; },

author={ Lacher, Rene; Hipwell, John; Williams, Norman; Keshtgar, Mohammed; Hawkes, David J; Stoyanov, Danail; },

abstract={ The high incidence and low mortality of breast cancer surgery has led to an increasing emphasis on the cosmetic outcome of surgical treatment. Advances in aesthetic evaluation, as well as surgical planning and outcome prediction, have been investigated by using geometrically precise 3D modelling of the breast surface prior to surgery and after the procedure. However, existing solutions are based on expensive site specific setups and remain weakly validated. In this paper, we explore the possibility of using low-cost RGBD cameras as an affordable and mobile system for breast surface reconstruction. The methodology relies on sensor calibration, uncertainty-driven point filtering, dense reconstruction and subsequent multi-view joint optimization to diffuse residual pose errors. Results from a phantom study, with ground truth obtained through commercially available scanners, indicate that the approach is promising with RMS errors in order of 2 mm. A clinical study shows the practical applicability of our method and compares favourably to high-end scanning solutions. }