Francisco Vasconcelos

Post Doc.


I joined the UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing in August 2015, working as a Research Associate on the Gift-Surg project. My current research focuses on two topics: the development of new calibration methods involving ultrasound devices, fetoscopic cameras, and pose tracking sensors that enable co-registration of image data from different sources during surgery; and the development of new methods for automatic skill analysis in fetal surgery in order to evaluate the contribution of new technologies in this field. Previously I worked on calibration of multiple-sensor modalities (multiple cameras / laser rangefinders / ultrasound probes) at Institute for Systems and Robotics-University of Coimbra, first as a graduate research fellow (2009 - 2011) and then as a PhD student (2011 - 2015).


  • 2017

  • science!

    Adjoint Transformation Algorithm for Hand-eye Calibration with Applications in Robotic Assisted Surgery (currently under revision)

  • 2016

  • science!

    Spatial calibration of a 2D/3D ultrasound using a tracked needle