Geoffrey Jones

PhD cand.


Hailing from the West Country I gained my first degree in mathematics from Cardiff University, before heading into industry for a few years to develop CAD software. I returned to academia to take the MSc in Computer Graphics Vision and Imaging at University College London. During this study I cultivated my interests in machine vision and inverse problems in imaging. I am currently studying towards a PhD in medical and biomedical imaging. The central theme of my research is multispectral imaging for intra-operative, robotic assisted, minimal invasive surgery. This research will draw on aspects of machine learning and computer vision to perform efficient real-time video processing in order to generate augmented reality overlays. My most recent work in this area has looked at the inverse problem, deblurring and has explored real time strategies for deblurring video of non-rigidly deforming surfaces. I am Impact funded for 3 years covering fees and living stipend (UKRC standard).


  • 2014

  • science!

    Deblurring Multispectral Laparoscopic Images