Xiaofei Du

PhD cand.


I obtained my Bachelors in Telecommunications at Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications and my Masters in Biomedical Engineering from Tsinghua University, China. In 2013, I came to London and started my PhD at the Centre for Medical Image Computing (CMIC) of UCL on the image-guided interventions. My research interest mainly focuses on recovering the motion and deformation of soft-tissue for minimally invasive surgery. Vision-based reconstruction and motion tracking is important for providing real-time information to image-guided surgery and robotic control systems for motion compensation. It is a challenging problem due to the fast dynamics of the surgical field, occlusions from highlights and the surgical instruments, bleeding and smoke. Lately we have used geometric surface model and a hybrid optimization method on two dimensional image sequences to improve the tracking accuracy as a larger displacement of intra-frame occurs. Now we are trying to extend this technique to stereo images.


  • 2016

  • science!

    Combined 2D and 3D tracking of surgical instruments for minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgery


  • 2015

  • science!

    Robust Surface Tracking Combining Features, Intensity and Illumination Compensation


  • 2014

  • science!

    Non-rigid Soft-Tissue Tracking Using Combined Feature and Intensity Information